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  • I broke my training log.
    No worries! We'll fix it. Shoot us an email.
  • Can women do these workouts?
    We do not see the difference. Muscle is muscle. If you want it, we'll help you get it.
  • I consider myself to be an advanced lifter. How would I benefit from The Lift League?
    Our advanced programs are very challenging and well-rounded. Advanced lifters will still greatly benefit from adopting our scheduling, tracking, and variability methods. Advanced lifters should also use our beginner-level programs as change-up routines to add variability to their training. Our strength-building programs are tried and true and will help anyone build strength, no matter their training stage.
  • How long can I run The Lift League.
    Forever. The first year, athletes run the program linearly with 50 weeks of unique training. After completing the first year, athletes run the same 12 programs non-linearly while continuing to progressively overload their training.
  • Is the program for beginners?
    The Lift League is for everyone, regardless of experience level, although preexisting health issues need to be carefully considered.
  • Where do I start?
    If you want to speak with a coach, book one of our free coaching sessions, and we will make sure you start in the right place. If you want to jump right in, it would depend on your lifting experience. Anyone with no weightlifting experience should start with the PPL and work through the program linearly. Advanced lifters with years of experience in the gym can jump in where they see fit.
  • I am over 40, can I joinThe Lift League?
    Yes but we recommend setting up a free beginners evaluation session with one of our coaches before you get started.
  • Do I need a gym membership?
    Yes, unless you have access to a private gym that has a universal cable machine, bench with incline and decline positions, squat rack, lifting platform, full set of dumbbells, curl bar, olympic length barbell and plates. We do not recommend Planet Fitness because they intentionally limit equipment to discourage specific people from using their facilities.
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