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Training Goals

Some people show up on day one knowing exactly what they want from their time in the gym. While others simply want to become better versions of themselves.

There is one constant though; the longer you stick with it the more your goals evolve. Gym goals become a moving target and that is a good thing. Over time you learn not only about how the human body works but how your body responds to stress and how it adapts.

The best advice I can give you is to be flexible and patient. It is ok to show up to the gym wanting a six-pack. If that's what gets you there, great. But don't allow yourself to be discouraged when you realize just how long the journey to six-pack land is.

Something else to consider: the further you have to go should not affect the speed at which you travel to get there. If you attempt to rush the process you will only make the journey more difficult.

Stick with it and fall in love with the journey. Eventually, you will forget all about your goals.


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