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Block Training

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Progressive overload has its limits. Eventually, no matter what, athletes reach a point where the necessary amount of weight needed to produce the desired response to weightlifting becomes too great. This is where change is implemented in the form of variability. Carefully planned long-term variability is called periodization.

There are a number of types of periodization including linear periodization, undulating periodization, conjugate periodization, and block periodization.

Block periodization involves dividing the training year into distinct blocks of time. Typically, each block is designed to develop a specific physical quality, such as strength or hypertrophy, using a specific type of training. The Lift League training blocks fall into three categories: powerbuilding, strength training, and hypertrophy training.

The strength training blocks focus on increasing the amount of weight an athlete can lift. The hypertrophy blocks put on emphasis on secondary compounds and single-joint movements and help increase the size of muscles. Powerbuilding combines strength training and hypertrophy training within each training session, allowing athletes to increase strength while increasing muscle size.

Although The Lift League is a form of block periodization, within the training blocks athletes are exposed to elements of linear, undulating, and conjugate training. This level of training variability woven throughout the training blocks, helps athletes achieve optimal results in a shorter period while avoiding training plateaus.

One of the greatest benefits unique to block periodization is that it allows for efficient and effective training by providing athletes with, not only a clear long-term path but the ability to steer that path in the direction that best suits their individual training needs.

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