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The Texas Method

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This was my first time running the Texas Method and I really loved it because I was pushed to hit PRs I never thought I would hit.

The only drawback is the scoring system encourages athletes to push too hard on Wednesdays, which are meant to be active recovery days.

We've learned over the years our scoring system is extremely effective at encouraging progressive overload. But we've also learned that in instances where active recovery is scheduled, it becomes a hindrance by encouraging athletes to push harder than recommended.

After a lengthy discussion, we decided to remove Wednesday scores from the training logs as well as from the leaderboards on the site.

Within your logs, individual lift scores and volume and total workload will still be tallied for each training day. But there will no longer be a Wednesday total score that contributes to the overall workout score.

We chose to include the Texas Method within The Lift League because of its proven track record and for its accessibility to athletes of all training levels. We hope this change makes it safer and even more effective for all athletes.

A big thanks to everyone that ran this block with us. Your experience helped us make something we deeply care about, that much better.


Lets see some 5 rep PRs!


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