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The other day Todd and I talked about how often we were getting to the gym and he brought up an interesting point; because of his schedule, he's able to go to the gym Wed, Thurs, and Friday which means he's running the 5x5 on back-to-back days. That totally blew my mind and I thought it was worth discussing in the thread so that others may benefit from the conversation.

It's important to remember the purpose of training is to create micro-tears in your muscles. When those tears are repaired, your muscles get bigger and stronger. If you do not let those tears repair before retraining, you can make them larger which in turn makes them take longer to repair. If you continually deny your muscles the time they need to repair, you will cause an injury that will keep you out of the gym for quite a while.

So if you run a 5x5 on consecutive days, you could be doing more harm than good.

My recommendation to Todd was to run a 5x5 workout on Wed and Fri and do his own active recovery session on Thursday. You won't be sticking to the rigid schedule of the 5x5 but you will avoid overtraining.

Recovery is where the magic happens. You gotta give your body the time it needs.

Robert  Dennis


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